Easy roasted lemon potatoesEasy roasted lemon potatoes

These easy roasted lemon potatoes are one of our go-to recipes! Whenever the warm weather hits, we love to cook with lemon more and more. If you like lemon – you will definitely like this! We were so impressed with how flavoured they were from just a few simple ingredients. The best part is we usually have all the ingredients in the kitchen. So, when we have lemon or potatoes to use up these are a great, simple recipe to make. The latest time we made them we also included limes! We had so many that were going to go bad, so we decided to put them in. It turned out just as delicious, so if you feel like adding some lime as well, go for it!

These potatoes make the perfect side to a main dish! It’s always nice to have a new spin on something you make frequently, such as potato wedges. The lemon gives it such a fresh taste! Aside from them tasting amazing, your kitchen will also be smelling amazing! We also love to top ours with fresh oregano from our herb garden. Fresh citrus and herbs screams summertime to us! We hope you love these easy roasted lemon potatoes and that they become a staple for you too!

Check out our smashed lemon potatoes here!


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  • 4 medium-large potatoes (russet or yellow)

  • 4 medium-sized lemons

  • 2 tbsp oregano (fresh or dried)

  • Salt and pepper to taste

  • ΒΌ cup olive oil


  • Preheat your oven to 420F
  • Peel your potatoes, then cut them into wedges. Not too small, you don’t want them to cook too fast and burn
  • Zest 3 of your lemons before cutting them – place the zest into a small bowl and set aside. Juice those same 3 lemons into another small bowl
  • Cut your fourth lemon into wedges, to place in the baking dish
  • Pour your lemon juice and olive oil into a baking dish. Add lemon zest, salt, pepper, oregano and lemon wedges. Put your potatoes in and toss to coat
  • Put in the oven for 20 minutes. Remove, toss them, place for another 20 minutes and repeat. Do this one more time, or until all the stock is gone and the potatoes have started to brown and crisp up
  • Remove from oven, serve and enjoy!


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