Marinated tofu souvlaki skewers with tomato, zucchini, peppers and onions
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This marinated tofu souvlaki is a game changer. Serve this one to even the pickiest of meat eaters and even they will admit that tofu can be delicious! After being vegan for a while, Reyhan and I have not stopped exploring the versatility of tofu. Unseasoned tofu could be described as a bit bland. We prefer to think of it as a blank slate. The key to this recipe is being patient with your marinade! We left our tofu and vegetables in the fridge marinating for about 4-5 hours. After a few hours, the flavours really hold up through the cooking process.

Not only is this dish simple and delicious but its also very healthy. Tofu is a great vegan protein source and you can never go wrong with fresh veggies. It can also be a great go-to meal if you’re in need of a fridge dump! If you have some vegetables you need to use up, you can use them for this recipe.

We hope you and your family enjoy these marinated tofu souvlaki skewers just as much as we did! If you haven’t tried our tofu parm yet, we definitely recommend this as well for another delicious tofu recipe!


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  • 1 block of extra firm tofu, cut into ½ inch thick cubes.

  • 6 cherry tomatoes

  • ½ of a zucchini, cut into slices

  • 2 bell peppers of your choosing, cut into similar sized pieces

  • 1 sweet onion, cut into similar sized pieces

  • ¼ cup of avocado oil

  • 2 tbsp of balsamic glaze

  • ¼ tsp of salt

  • ¼ tsp of pepper

  • 2 tsp of oregano

  • The juice from half a lemon

  • 3 tbsp of nutritional yeast


  • Place all of your ingredients into a large ziplock bag and gently massage to fully coat all pieces in your marinade. Place in the fridge for roughly 4 – 5 hours.
  • Remove from the fridge and preheat your oven to 420 degrees. Line a baking tray with parchment paper and begin to prepare your skewers. Alternate between ingredients to create a beautiful, colourful skewer!
  • Place skewers on your baking tray and lightly sprinkle with an extra pinch of salt and pepper. Bake at 420 for roughly 30 minutes or until your tofu begins to brown and your veggies begin to brown and soften.
  • Remove from oven and let them rest for 5 minutes before plating. Serve with rice and vegan tzatziki (see our recipe) share this recipe with your friends and show them how delicious tofu can be! Enjoy.


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