These jackfruit pesto toasts turned out amazing and I couldn’t be happier with it. The pesto is loaded with fresh herbs and lemon juice to give this dish a fresh, citrusy twist. Originally, I was going to use soy curls to recreate the taste and texture of chicken but all I could get my hands […]


    This eggplant parm sandwich recipe is something we have quite often at our house! We think eggplant parm is just so delicious. Usually we serve it with pasta. This time we wanted to make it into a versatile and easy meal. These sandwiches are so delicious and you can easily customize them however you’d like! […]


    This easy tofu salad sandwich on Silver Hills sprouted bread (sponsored) is such a delicious, healthy lunch! If you haven’t heard of Silver Hills before, they make delicious, healthy, sprouted breads using simple ingredients. We’re hooked on their full seed ahead bread! It also goes so well with nut butters and bananas. Back to school […]


    This tofu banh mi sandwich turned out absolutely incredible. Banh mi sandwiches are basically a Vietnamese version of a submarine sandwich. They are traditionally served on a baguette style bun and loaded with meat and pickled vegetables. You won’t be seeing any meat on our plates so we used marinated tofu as our substitute! By […]


    These béchamel eggplant boats were so delicious. They tasted like a meal from a fancy vegan restaurant! We have made eggplant parmigiana many times before but I’ve never tried to top them with a creamy sauce before. This béchamel sauce was so creamy and had the most delicious notes of nutmeg and garlic. Sometimes we […]

  • Banana blossom chicken burgers

    We were so excited to make these banana blossom chicken burgers! We believe one thing the vegan community isn’t lacking is veggie burgers. We do however find it harder to find a good chicken burger replacement sometimes! We have been looking for banana blossom for quite some time and finally came across it on well.ca. […]

  • Vegan avocado grilled cheese

    Vegan avocado grilled cheese is an absolute dream meal! We were lucky enough to be sent some delicious sprouted bread from Silver Hills. We have been big fans of their bread long before we were gifted this kind. They have so many different kinds, we actually hadn’t tried this one before! They’re plant-based, non-GMO and […]


    This roasted red pepper pesto is a simple and delicious way to spice up your pasta dishes! If you’re a fan of basil pesto, you’re sure to love this rich red pepper pesto. It’s super easy to make and requires minimal prep – the best kind of recipe. The flavours that this pesto delivers are […]


    These BBQ jackfruit ribs are the perfect fix when you’re craving some sweet and smokey BBQ. We’ve been playing around with seitan a lot lately and I’m proud to say I think we’ve come up with some pretty creative recipes! Meals like this make it super easy to stay consistent with a vegan diet. Eating […]


    This chickpea salad is amazing. If you’re looking for a quick, easy and delicious recipe for lunch or meal prep then look no further! It has great texture and the flavours work so well together. It’s made with similar ingredients to a tuna salad, including vegan mayo and raw onions. This recipe is a super […]