Hi! We’re Reyhan and Callan. We are married and live together in Kitchener, Ontario with four cats we are living a vegan lifestyle. I (Reyhan) am the one behind the posting – writing, photos etc. and Callan is the mastermind behind our meals. I’m a hairstylist and Callan is a welder full time, but this is a huge passion of ours!

Here we’ll mostly talk about vegan food – the stuff we make at home and also what we find at restaurants and grocery stores! It can seem overwhelming to make the change at first, so we want to show ways to make it easier and hopefully inspire some people to make the change.

We will also feature other vegan items we find (clothing, shoes, etc) and also some thoughts when we feel they’re worth sharing. More daily meals are featured on our Instagram – follow us!

Thanks for reading 🙂


Reyhan- I went to college for Journalism prior to hair school and becoming a hairstylist. I worked in photography and writing for a short amount of time, and I’ve now been a stylist for 7 years. I’ve been dairy free for 5+ years, fully vegan for a few months. I’ve always felt guilty for eating animals because I never agreed with it. It was time my actions matched my thoughts and feelings. I try to educate myself as much as I can, even when it means watching horrible, heartbreaking videos of animal abuse and slaughter. It’s a million times worse for the animals and they don’t have a voice, so I will be it as much as I can.

Callan- I went to trade school and became a welder, I love making furniture and perfecting my craft. I recently decided to go fully vegan alongside my girlfriend. I know I cant completely stop what’s going on in the world but I feel I need to do my part to put an end to animal cruelty and leave a much smaller carbon footprint. 

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